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Tennessee Property law involves Landlord-Tenant disputes, evictions, commercial rental agreements, residential rental agreements, HOA disputes and more. Sam Cross is an experienced litigator practicing in the Middle Tennessee area including: Franklin, TN; Brentwood, TN; Nashville, TN; Columbia, TN; and Murfreesboro.

If you believe you need a property lawyer or simply wish to learn your options and what they entail, contact our office for a consultation. If you’d like to learn more about Tennessee Property law, generally, before you schedule your appointment, please review the topics below.



Do you have residential rental property or commercial rental property? Like any investment, have you invested in the future success of your rental property? Yes, you can get forms online. Yes, you can let someone possess the property and accept money. Is your rental agreement enforceable? Are you in violation of Tennessee law? Are you going to have a counter-suit filed against you? So many issues faced by landlord are avoidable or minimized with simple legal preparation.

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Do you need to rent a house, condominium or apartment? Or maybe you need to rent commercial office space for your business. Common problems faced by Tenants involve repair obligations, security deposits, and abuse of access by the Landlord. Tenants have rights too, even though they often allow landlords to bulldoze over them. Know your rights get the fair treatment you deserve.

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Rental Agreements

A rental agreement can be oral or written for residential leases. Commercial leases are less protected from not having been reviewed by an Attorney. Have you had your rental agreement reviewed? Most problems I litigate for Clients could have simply been avoided with a quick review of their rental agreement and an exponentially minimized cost. I am passionate about Landlord-Tenant law and I’ve handled enough litigated cases to spot red flags either on paper or to advise my Client on how to handle if certain situations arise.

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Neighbor Disputes

Neighbor Disputes.

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HOA Disputes

Home Owners Association (HOA) disputes and Condominium Owner Disputes.

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